Learn about sheet carton paper

Thursday - 30/12/2021 17:03
Paper carton sheet is an indispensable product on the market back here. With the strong development in the manufacturing industry of packing goods, lining goods or making partitions, for example. It is favored by many customers with many outstanding features. Besides being useful for work, for the environment, carton paper is also very good at degrading, easy to use and easy to handle when not in use. With her writing below, we will help you understand it more deeply
Learn about sheet carton paper

1. What is paper carton sheet?

1.1 The concept of corrugated board paper

Cardboard paper sheets are often called with many different names as we often call them: Cardboard, cardboard, carton liner or some people call it cardboard... Produced from a combination of weighing and counting from paper regular and best quality corrugated paper.

Various styles to combine and produce a product quality useful for everyone. Besides, this type of paper is also useful in jobs such as making goods linings, partitions ...

giay carton tam
Cardboard products

1.2 Characteristics

Is a type of product created from layers of different quality paper, with the essence of each product when it is released to the market. Corrugated cardboard usually has the outstanding characteristics of a durable and strong sheet of paper to several layers of paper that create softness and pliability.

At the end of its use, it is also very biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Because carton paper itself is almost 100% paper, it is indispensable to contribute to protecting the green - clean - beautiful environment.

2. Cardboard plate classification

2.1 Classification by type of corrugated paper

Currently on the market are outstanding with types of corrugated paper such as:

  • A-corrugated cardboard sheet
  • B corrugated board
  • C corrugated board
  • E-corrugated board

2.2 Classification by number of waves

giay carton tam1

Carton Products
And classified, creating carton products in many layers such as:

Seven layers of corrugated cardboard

Carton product with 7 layers with good weight resistance, high durability. This product is used by many customers, especially those who move to produce goods or transport services. Thanks to its convenience to their industry

 5-layer carton

Besides 7-layer carton packaging with good weight resistance, there are products that combine 5 layers of paper. The durability is no less than 7 layers. It can withstand quite a lot of weight, so this is also a good choice and experience for manufacturers of goods, transporting heavy objects.

Carton with 3 and 2 layers

When it comes to 2 types of good weight-bearing and durability, it must be mentioned that 3-layer and 2-layer carton packaging. The combination of few layers of paper makes it easy to work with them. Very easy to cut, bend and fold as you like. Or for technology products, light weight gift boxes choose it.

3. The good recycling from carton paper

In addition to the multidisciplinary effects. It also participates in the creation and recycling of beautiful and cute objects. Close to nature, innocent with children. With children and creative people recycling things from carton packaging, it's great for these ideas, isn't it.


4. Form of quotation for paper carton sheet

The pricing is appropriate and meets the needs of the product properly. When you buy cardboard sheets at Chung Phat Hung Yen you can call or text directly through the contact information we have provided. You will be consulted enthusiastically about the price as well as the best and most suitable papers for the industry you are working on.

Author: Huy Phạm

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